the lake house master

I take a great deal of my design inspiration from nature. We recently had the opportunity to re-do a rustic lake house in the woods of Central New York for some clients from Texas. The challenge? To maintain a natural esthetic and to keep the original vintage character, but to make it cozy and bring it up-to-date since there was A LOT of wood – floors, walls AND ceilings. Oh … and to make sure it wasn’t too feminine. The clients are customers of SWANK and Alexis had the pleasure of meeting them when they were here visiting. I didn’t meet them until the reveal. We did everything for the re-design via email and conference calls {a first for me}. These photos are of the master bedroom, which the clients told us “now feels cozy and is one of their favorite rooms in the place.” I was thrilled because we had taken this room from drab to FAB! To top it all off, it has this wall of windows that overlooks a gorgeous lake view, so when you wake up in the morning, you can’t help but be happy!

THEN: The bed faced another wall instead of the incredible lake view!

THEN: The clients wanted to salvage this chair, as it had come out of the husbands mother's home.

THEN: The chandelier, bedspread and rug out-date the entire room. It actually has great bones - a wooden cathedral ceiling, great floors, painted walls and a PERFECT view of the lake.

NOW: We began with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, added a cozy area rug and replaced the chandelier with this metal branched beauty. We happened upon this amazing bed while we were on a buying trip in Virginia and trucked it home to NY. Someone had made it out of vintage porch parts! {Cool, huh?} There was no closet in this room (they had converted it to a half bath), so one of the client's requests was for someplace to hang their clothes. We found this amazing vintage cabinet, which already had a shelf in it, and we simply retrofitted it with a bar. It works splendidly!

NOW: We had the chair slipcovered.

NOW: We added a series of white pitchers atop the "closet."

NOW: We repurposed the client's painted green table (originally purchased from SWANK) and placed it to the right of the bed. The perfect place to lay a book, glasses or a cup 'o joe. Love the juxtaposition of the mercury glass lamp with the burlap shade!

NOW: The dresser belonged to the client - we just spruced it up with some natural elements and took advantage of the ceiling height with a piece of artwork.

NOW: The bed is now facing the lake and is positioned between two windows. We framed it with curtains on the outsides of the windows for a cozy effect. Curtaining both sides of both windows would've been too bulky.

NOW: Absolutely *LOVE* the bedding! It really lends a finished element to this bedroom.

NOW: Last but not least, the client asked that we find a way to incorporate an area into the master where she could work while she was here. We found this vintage hall table, painted it white, put casters on it and added some unique cast iron hardware. The chair was existing. The BEST part? By moving the bed to take advantage of the amazing views of the lake, we were able to position the desk right in front of the windows so that she could work with a view of the lake. {Our apologies on this photo - darned flash! The desk looks neon and it's really a nice distressed creamy white, but you get the idea.}

There is so much to show you about this project. Stay tuned for future posts – you won’t believe what we did with the kitchen! 😉



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